Fast and reliable hardware

When hardware produced by our technology partners is supplied together with our software, the resulting technology solutions are proven to be among the best-in-class document reading systems in the world.

Our commitment to provide only the best technology solutions is supported by thousands of our clients who implemented and use wide range of MRZ readers, ID scanner and full-page document readers with our software.


Thales Gemalto Document Reader QS2000 is a highly reliable and durable full-page document reader, designed specifically for commercial markets.
Optional RFID support allows the user to view embedded chip in ePassports, eIDs and driving licences, helping ensure the document is genuine.
A machine-readable zone (MRZ) and barcode reading is also included, automatically capturing the document and decoding it.


Thales Gemalto Document Reader AT9000 MK2 is a reliable and convenient full page document reader in a compact format.
It reads and authenticates multiple document types quickly, easily and accurately.
It’s one of the best-selling document readers and probably the most familiar sight at border control desks around the world.


Thales Gemalto Document Reader AT10K is a small foot print of modern design reader allowing users to inspect, authenticate and capture data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably.
Designed for use in the most demanding scenarios such as border management, banking, hospitality and travel where speed, accuracy and reliability are important.

Thales Gemalto AT 10kI

With built-in high-performance processing and networking, the Thales Gemalto Intelligent Document Reader AT10Ki inspects, authenticates or captures data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably in the cloud and virtual computing environments.
The Gemalto Intelligent Document Reader AT10Ki can connect to any mobile device, phone or tablet.


Thales Gemalto Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400 is designed with the operator in mind.
Ability to simultaneously read both sides of an ID card providing faster reads saving customers time.
Simply no wrong way to insert the ID card when you need to quickly and accurately collect information to determine whether an ID cards is genuine.

Thales Gemalto CR5400I

The Gemalto Intelligent iSeries readers are designed for today’s connectivity environments where enterprise architectures and tablets are deployed to personalize your customer’s visit.
The Gemalto CR5400i can connect to any mobile device and reader can be used in pool mode connecting to multiple devices.
The reader simultaneously reads both sides of the ID. Once read is complete, LED lights go from blue to green and ID is ejected and returned to its owner.


Thales Gemalto MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader CR100M is an efficient and easy-to-use data-capture reader in a small footprint. As a compact card reader, it offers the ability to read 1, 2 and 3 line data from passports, IDs, DLs and other Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) with simple hand-swipe operation and requiring minimal training.


Thales Gemalto OEM Document Readers provide a small foot print in a modern design. The reader’s low profile and simple shape make with self-service kiosks manufacturers, counters and eGates at airports terminals.
Designed for use in the most demanding scenarios such as border management, banking, hospitality and travel where speed and reliability are important.

Acuant Snapshell P3 passport camera

Snapshell P3 passport camera incorporates the latest cutting edge technologies for reading
personal documents. It is one of the most advanced document reading devices supporting passports, ID cards and drivers licenses.  Device does not contain any moving parts and it is powered via USB.

Acuant ID150 ID scanner

The ID-150 is a full-color, duplex scanner that scans the front and back of a card in one simple operation. The ID-150 scanner quickly and accurately verifies government issued identity
documents from all over the world!