Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Couriers and regions

AdriaScan ships worldwide and locally using the services of the following couriers:

  • DHL – worldwide and non-EU European destinations (3-5 working days delivery)
  • UPS – EU and UK destinations (1-3 working days delivery)
  • HP Express – Croatia only (1 working day delivery)

Order Processing and Shipping

Hardware is shipped according to agreed payment terms and conditions, but no later than 1-2 working days after the payment/payment confirmation is received.

The shipping address is confirmed with the customer before the shipment is sent.

For all shipments outside of the EU, shipping documentation is also prepared in advance and sent to the customer for review and confirmation before the shipment is organized.


Any delays in shipping will be communicated to the customer in a timely manner.

On the account of AdriaScan, delays may occur because of the:

  • Need to re-stock the requested hardware
  • Special orders of hardware not in regular stock
  • Unforeseen circumstances (force majeure)

On the account of the customer, delays may occur because of the:

  • Delayed response regarding confirmation of shipping address/shipping documentation
  • Additional requests regarding shipping details

Package tracking and confirmation of delivery

Once the package has been shipped, the customer will receive all necessary information needed to track their shipment via email:

  • Courier service
  • Tracking number
  • Expected date of delivery

Also, tracking notifications will be enabled to email address received from the customer for this purpose, so the customer can receive all the necessary information regarding their shipment directly from the courier.

Once the notification of a successful delivery has been received, AdriaScan Operations Department will follow up with the customer to confirm delivery and to trigger the software installation process.

Refused or Undeliverable Shipment

Customers who refuse packages at the time of delivery or provide incorrect shipping information resulting in the return of the package to AdriaScan will be charged the shipping cost for additional delivery of the same package/s.

Loss or Damage in Shipment

All claims regarding lost packages must be made to AdriaScan in the case package is not delivered by the expected delivery date and no notification of delay was received from the courier.

All claims regarding damaged packaging must be made directly to AdriaScan immediately upon receiving the package. In this case, please keep the original damaged packaging for further inspection.


Limited Warranty

AdriaScan warrants that the Hardware will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the applicable warranty period.

This Limited Warranty applies to the Hardware purchased directly from AdriaScan, or through AdriaScan authorized partner, and integrated with and utilized by the Software.

This Limited Warranty applies both to the newly purchase Hardware and to the replacement Hardware if the replacement Hardware has been obtained following this Warranty & RMA Procedure.

This Limited Warranty does not cover the exchange of the Hardware resulting from misuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, improper maintenance or failure caused by a product for which Adria Scan is not responsible.

The Limited Warranty is voided by removal or alteration of Hardware parts or identification labels.

Warranty Period

This Limited Warranty is for a period of one (1) year from the date of the invoice for the Hardware (“Warranty Period”).

Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Procedure

To obtain the Support Services the Client must make a Return Merchandise Authorization request (“RMA Request”) by contacting the AdriaScan Customer Services Department ([email protected]).

AdriaScan Customer Services Department will review the RMA Request and may ask for additional information or perform additional diagnostic steps to ensure that the Hardware is indeed defective and not unnecessarily returned to AdriaScan for replacement.

Once the AdriaScan Customer Services Department has confirmed the Hardware replacement is likely to be necessary and all other requirements have been satisfied, AdriaScan Operations Department will send to the Client all necessary information about replacing defective Hardware, including the address of the nearest Hardware service facility.

Upon receiving returned defective Hardware, and for the Hardware still under the Warranty Period, Support Personnel may run an additional check. There are no costs related to these additional checks. If returned Hardware is determined to be No-Trouble-Found (“NTF”) and the observed fault cannot be reproduced, AdriaScan will return the received Hardware back to the Client as NTF Hardware.

RMA Procedure – Shipping & Other Costs

The Client must send defective Hardware FOB destination freight prepaid to the nearest Hardware service facility.

The Client is responsible for all shipping costs related to returning of defective Hardware back to AdriaScan.

The Client is responsible for all shipping costs related to AdriaScan returning NTF Hardware back to the Client.

Replacement Hardware will be shipped once defective Hardware is received by AdriaScan. Shipping costs related to sending replacement Hardware back to the Client are not refundable under ANY circumstances once replacement Hardware has been shipped.

AdriaScan is responsible for all shipping costs related to sending replacement Hardware back to the Client if defective Hardware is still under the Warranty Period.

The Client is responsible for both the cost of replacement Hardware and all shipping costs related to sending replacement Hardware back to the Client if Hardware is not under Warranty Period.

AdriaScan does not cross-ship replacement Hardware.