Visitor Management System – quick visitor identification.

Virtual Border is a software solution designed for a quick and accurate identification of visitors in facilities with a high frequency of guests or a high level of safety requirements.

Virtual Border replaces traditional logbooks by reading and recording all data from personal documents. It also controls the access of each individual according to the security regulations of the facility.

On the entrance, this user-friendly software solution enables security guards to do the entire entry procedure in several seconds. The process includes scanning and reading personal documents, writing visit details, assigning visitor badges, assigning access levels, recording entry snapshots, etc.

virtual_border_peopleIn the control room, the supervisor can monitor every individual in real time as well as receive automatic notifications about various events in the facility.

The system generates different reports and statistics which provide accurate details important for your facility.

Software is available in several languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Used by security guards

  • User friendly graphic interface
  • Quick and accurate visitor registration

Visitor gallery

  • Face and document images
  • Personal details
  • Entry and exit time records

Standard features

  • Evacuation report
  • Pop up’s for blacklisted visitors
  • Visitor history reports
  • Daily overview of all visitors
  • Incident report option

Fast and accurate data entry!

Scanning and reading personal documents

  • More than 2000 documents worldwide
  • Automatically reads all textual data from document
  • Reads ID cards, driver licenses, passports, etc.

Storing data automatically

  • Personal details
  • Document and face images

Scanning hardware

  • High-speed scanners or cameras
  • Small and compact devices

Used by security managers

  • Monitoring and managing visitors
  • Real time data from all entrances
  • Accurate visitors overview


  • Various blacklisting options
  • Incident reports
  • Automatic notifications

Standard features

  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Various reports
  • Multiple charts

Real time notifications

  • E-mails
  • SMS


  • Security managers
  • Hosts


  • For arriving visitors
  • For prevented entries
  • When incident occurs
  • Scheduled reports
  • Various other events

Automatic snapshots for

  • Check-in process
  • Check-out process


  • All visitor images or videos when entering or leaving the facility

Videos from the CCTV cameras

  • Streaming
  • Recording
  • Viewing
  • Archiving

Assign badge types

  • Visitors
  • Contractors

Manage visit details

  • Visit reason / purpose
  • Visit destination / host
  • Visit notes
  • Visitor’s company
  • Car license plate

Asset tracking

  • Asset type and description
  • Asset photo


  • Various access control systems
  • Certificated interfaces

Data exchange

  • Real time communication
  • Visitor details
  • Badge numbers
  • Badge expiry date and time
  • Access levels
  • Host information

Supported hardware

  • Passport scanners
  • Business card readers
  • Proximity card readers
  • Bar code readers
  • IP or web cameras
  • Signature pad’s
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Badge printers

User experience

  • Single sign-On
  • Highly customizable user screen

System management

  • Unlimited number of workstations
  • Multi property configuration
  • Various system logs
  • Built-in card designer
  • Active Directory integration
  • User management
  • Password protection mechanism’s
  • Encrypted or digitally signed e-mails