GuestBook – a turnkey solution for verifying guest identity and archiving guest details.

GuestBook speeds up your business, increases efficiency of the hotel staff, improves security level and takes hospitality business to a higher level.

This client-server based application allows you to work at the reception or in the back office while the database is safely stored on the company server.

A basic version of the software is used for archiving scanned documents received from ID Reader scanning software.

The advanced version of the software provides hotel staff with all the necessary tools required to perform their daily tasks. It includes check-in and check-out operations, assigning rooms, set payment methods and packages – all of this can be done automatically when using PMS interface.

GuestBook also enables hotel staff to check guest identity from any workstation or tablet in the hotel.

Scanning and reading personal documents

  • Storing all personal details into database automatically
  • Optimized image size and quality

Guest archive

  • All guests who visited the hotel
  • Powerful search engine

Guest profiles

  • All visits with check-in and check-out date
  • All document images used during check-in process
  • Export or print document images

List of guests

  • Arrivals, In-House, Departures
  • Provides a hotel layout with face images of each guest by their room numbers


  • Check-in report
  • Single guest report
  • Arrivals list
  • Evacuation report
  • Custom reports


  • Arrivals and departures for a time period
  • Nationalities and countries breakdown

Check guest face image from any workstation in the hotel!