Adria Scan is committed to protecting personal data while providing high-quality software solutions to the customers.

ID Reader is a software used for scanning personal and travel documents and it sends the data directly to the client application.

Plug & Scan is a software solution which works as a generic interface and sends the data from the scanning software to various client applications using keyboard emulation, browser extension, and various other technologies.

Neither ID Reader nor Plug&Scan software contains a database. They are installed locally on the computer, do not store any information, and are designed solely for the transfer of the extracted personal information from the personal and travel documents to the other client applications.

ID Reader has built-in options to enable which data will be sent to the client application (hotel software or any other business application) to help our customers comply with the latest Data Protection laws and regulations.

For customers who require personal document images, we have implemented the following security measures:

  • The document image is converted to 150 DPI to prevent machine manipulation of images while retaining the image quality for document visual inspection
  • The document image is converted to grayscale while keeping the face image in color
  • Text watermark with customer’s company name is added to the document image
  • The face image can be blurred on the document image, so the identity of the person is protected

GuestBook and Virtual Border solutions contain a database and have the database encryption, the network communication encryption, and the advanced user management which is aligned to the GDPR regulation, 2FA authentication, etc.